Suspension of Summer 2018 Fruit Tree Sale

11th July 2018

Re: Suspension of CPCNW Summer Fruit Tree Sale


Dear Customers and Stakeholders,

I regret to announce the suspension of the summer tree fruit sale for 2018 while we work with State and Federal regulatory agencies to clarify the quarantine status of material imported into the Unites States. We are taking this pause to ensure that all appropriate procedures have been followed prior to the distribution of propagative material to you, the nurseries and growers. We understand the disruption that this may cause to customers’ plans, but it necessary step that must be undertaken to guarantee ready access to propagative material in the future. Distribution will resume with the winter dormant budwood sale period in late 2018/early 2019. Individual customers are encouraged to enquire about the individual status of their accessions.



Dr. Scott Harper, Director CPCNW

CPCNW Summer Sale Suspension