Name & Email
Job Title
Role at CPCNW
Phone Number
Christina Aguirre Grounds/Nursery Services Specialist 3 Assists with fruit tree, grape, and hop production 509-786-9377
Eunice Beaver Scientific Assistant Molecular diagnostics 509-786-9301
Jan Burgess Agriculture Research Technician 2 Thermal therapy 509-786-9377
Dr. Scott Harper Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology Director of CPCNW 509-786-9230
Catherine Jones Coordinator  Grant and budget management, administrative lead 509-786-9242
Martin Joseph Scientific Assistant Grape and hop tissue culture specialist, virus elimination 509-786-9364
Piotr Kowalec Production Manager Fruit tree, grape, and hop production manager 509-786-9251
Dr. Syamkumar Siv Pillai Scientific Assistant Senior Fruit tree program and lab/testing manager 509-786-9372
Shannon Santoy Scientific Assistant Molecular diagnostics N/A
Tina Vasile Research Technician 1 ELISA lab manager 509-786-9382
Dr. Dan Villamor Research Associate Advanced molecular diagnostics, fruit tree virology research 509-786-9206