The Clean Plant Center Northwest’s team is comprised of skilled professionals with expertise in agricultural research, plant pathology, propagation and production, laboratory testing techniques, advanced disease diagnostics, thermal therapy, entomology, and project management. We work together to expand and improve the variety and availability of virus-tested plant materials for our valued customers.

Administrative Staff

Dr Scott Harper

Dr. Scott Harper, Director


Catherine Jones

Catherine Jones, Business Manager


Virus Diagnostic Lab Staff

Tina Vasile

Tina Vasile, CPCNW VDL Manager


Eunice Beaver

Eunice Beaver, Molecular diagnostics

Shannon Santoy

Shannon Santoy, Lab Diagnostics

Stephanie Szostek, Post-doctoral Associate

Therapy Services Staff

Jan Burgess

Jan Burgess, Heat Therapy Specialist

Martin Parambeth

Martin Parambeth, Tissue Culture Specialist

Production Staff

Piotr Kowalec

Piotr Kowalec, Production Manager


Christina Aguirre, Production Assistant

Rae Olmstead

Rae Olmsted, Production Staff

Elmer Wilcowski

Elmer Wilcowski, Production Staff

Lupe Rivera

Lupe Rivera, Production Staff

Research Staff


Ali Wright, Post-doctoral Associate