Budwood Order Information

There are more than 300 virus-tested clones of Pome Fruit and Stone Fruit in the Clean Plant Center Northwest’s collection.


Clones from each genera are available on a fee basis ONLY during the following periods:

  • Green budwood: August 1 to September 30
  • Dormant budwood: December 1 to March 31

All plant material is shipped in the form of budwood (budsticks). Although rootstock clones are available from the collections, these selections are only provided as budwood, not as rooted plants.

Order Forms

To place an order for virus-tested budwood, please complete the Fruit Tree Budwood Request Form and Fruit Tree Purchase AgreementThe following information will be necessary when requesting plant material:

  • For sponsored clones, written authorization from the sponsor or owner is required
  • Name(s) of the desired material
  • Desired quantity
  • Method of shipment
  • Method of payment
  • An Import Permit (IP) is required for all international (foreign) shipments. The IP must be in English or be an officially translated version of the original permit.
  • All paperwork must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of proposed shipment date for international requests

Please submit the completed forms by email or mail them to the CPCNW:

Attn: CPCNW Coordinator
24106 N. Bunn Rd.
Prosser, WA 99350


A fee schedule is available here: CPCNW Fruit Tree Fees


Upon receipt of a completed Fruit Tree Budwood Request Form and Fruit Tree Purchase Agreement, the CPCNW staff will contact you directly to confirm material availability, finalize order quantity, and to discuss shipping options. An invoice will then be provided via email at this time. Budwood will be shipped at purchaser’s expense; surcharges apply for material shipped outside of the USA.

A signed Purchase Agreement and payment in full must be provided before material will be shipped. Payment can be made by check or online. When possible, we prefer credit card payment via our secure payment site. Checks should be made payable to WSU/CPCNW-Fruit Trees and mailed to the address above, If you wish to pick up material at the CPCNW, no shipping fees will apply.