Fruit Tree Program







American fruit tree growers produce over 6 million tons of high quality fruit for consumers each year. The Clean Plant Center Northwest helps control plant viruses that can potentially impact the yield, appearance, and taste of that fruit. We develop strategies to minimize the economic impact of viruses on the tree fruit and nursery industries.


  • Tests deciduous fruit trees for virus content and sensitivity. This information helps scientists create better disease diagnostic tools and controls;
  • Develops and adapts new technology protocols to improve virus detection, management and ecology;
  • Is renowned for heat therapy treatment used to eliminate viruses or virus-like agents;
  • Screens new varieties of fruit trees imported from other countries. This screening protects American fruit trees from potentially damaging viruses, while providing consumers new choices in the produce aisle;
  • Produces and distributes deciduous fruit tree propagation material free of detectable virus and virus-like agents. We ship our virus-tested budwood domestically and internationally to nurseries, growers, scientists and international agencies.

Available Varieties in 2017