Variety Introduction

The Clean Plant Center Northwest accepts new varieties and advanced selections for virus testing and incorporation in our virus-tested collection. A variety can be introduced in the following categories:

  1. Public
  2. Private domestic
  3. Foreign introduction

Variety Introduction Procedure

Whether introducing public, private, or foreign varieties, it is important to adhere to the introduction procedure outlined below. All forms and payment must be received in order for the Clean Plant Center Northwest to begin the variety introduction process at our facilities. Our variety introduction process takes time but the results are worth it. Creating and sustaining clean, virus-free fruit tree varieties is our specialty

Public and Domestic Fruit Tree Varieties – For public and private domestic varieties, send four budwood sticks with 10 buds each, collected from a single tree in December–January (northern hemisphere) or in May-June (southern hemisphere).

Foreign Fruit Tree Varieties – To introduce foreign varieties, contact Syamkumar Siv Pillai to obtain a copy of our import permit and a label for shipping the samples to USDA-APHIS in Beltsville, Maryland for inspection. This inspection is REQUIRED. CPCNW will not accept foreign material that has not been released by APHIS. Send four budwood sticks with 10-15 buds each, collected from a single tree (sticks should be the thickness of a pencil).

Required Forms for ALL Variety Introduction Requests:

All applicable documents and payment in full are required before services will be provided.

Variety Introduction Fees

The costs associated with fruit tree variety introduction may vary, depending on the extent of virus testing and therapy required. An updated Fee Structure is available here.

Provisional Release

Budwood and reference trees from varieties that test free of all targeted viruses in the first year of our testing may qualify for provisional release with the approval of the budwood recipient’s State department of agriculture (USDA-APHIS permission would also be required for foreign introductions). This allows the recipient to establish mother plants in their nursery block only. Full release permission (based on second- and third-year of testing) is required before plants can be distributed to grower by the nursery.

Variety Maintenance

You may opt for continued maintenance of your virus-tested varieties after the initial budwood release from the program by paying required fees.


Please contact Syamkumar Siv Pillai with any questions about the fruit tree variety introduction process.