Grape Program

Ensuring the Success of the Pacific Northwest Grape Industry

The Clean Plant Center Northwest’s Foundation Vineyard (formerly known as the Northwest Grape Foundation Service) is the only clean stock program in the Pacific Northwest. We are dedicated to the propagation and distribution of properly identified and virus-tested grape plant materials. CPCNW is a source of grape foundation stock for commercial nurseries and private growers. In the commercial industry setting, these nurseries then increase the stock to commercial levels in their respective State Department of Agriculture registered ‘Mother Blocks’.


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CPCNW Foundation Vineyard

Our goal is to provide a long-term, constant supply of diverse, industry-relevant and pathogen-free material for our customers. Foundation-level materials have been tested prior to inclusion in the foundation vineyard and are routinely re-tested in accordance with the indexing tests and technologies as prescribed by the most stringent of participating State Department of Agriculture certification regulations. The CPCNW maintains all acquisitions in a virus-free and crown gall bacteria-free state.

Public and Private Foundation Material

We maintain public and private plant material in the CPCNW Foundation Vineyard. Public material selections are available to all interested parties, whereas private material selections are available only to the sponsor and his/her consignees. Private material in the CPCNW is subject to the same certification regulations as public material. Private material has an introduction fee and annual maintenance fee, which is the sole responsibility of the sponsor.