Grapevine Order Information

The Clean Plant Center Northwest is pleased to offer dormant hardwood cuttings, mist propagated plant material, and plugs to our valued customers. Funding to support the CPCNW activities is generated through sales, proprietary user fees, nursery sales tax, grants and donations. Our prices reflect the high cost of establishing and maintaining the Foundation Vineyard to its certification status.


  • December 15: deadline for submission of order for dormant hardwood cuttings to receive first priority (see priority details below)
    • January – March: shipment of dormant cutting orders
  • Year-round: deadline for submission of order for mist propagated plants or plugs
    • January – December: shipment of plugs (based on order date)
    • April – September: shipment of mist propagated plants

We are happy to discuss approximate dates for preferred delivery of plant material when we confirm your order.

Order Priority System

When demand exceeds supply, the CPCNW plant materials are allocated among customers who order before the annual December 15 deadline. Propagation materials that remain after the allocation deadline are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Part of the CPCNW mission is to ensure fair and equitable allocation of plant materials to its prioritized customers, as supplies are limited. Customers that are not participants in their state grape nursery certification programs may receive very little or no plant material regardless of the date ordered.

Priority is given to customers who submit before the order deadline (for dormant hardwood cuttings). Priority for customers who submit orders for will be given to customers in the following order:

  1. Idaho, Oregon and Washington nursery participants in their respective state grape nursery certification programs,
  2. University and Federal Research programs,
  3. Non-certified nurseries,
  4. Individual growers within the states of Idaho, Oregon and Washington, and
  5. Customers located outside the Pacific Northwest and USA.

Order Forms

To place an order, please complete the Grapevine Request Form and Grapevine Purchase Agreement. Please submit the completed forms by email or mail them to the CPCNW:

Attn: Piotr Kowalec 
24106 N. Bunn Rd.
Prosser, WA 99350


Upon receipt of a completed Grapevine Request Form and signed Grapevine Purchase Agreement the CPCNW staff will contact you directly to confirm material availability, finalize order quantity, and to discuss shipping options. An invoice will then be provided via email at this time.

A signed Purchase Agreement and payment in full must be provided before material will be shipped. Payment can be made by check or online. When possible, we prefer credit card payment via our secure payment site. Checks should be made payable to WSU/CPCNW-Grape and mailed to the address above.

Shipping and Handling Charges

For orders picked up at the CPCNW facility, there will be no shipping fees charged. For all shipped orders, the final invoice will include:

  • Actual shipping cost
  • 10% handling and packaging fee
  • Phytosanitary certificate cost (if relevant)

Note: As of February 1, 2017, the phytosanitary certificate fee (if relevant) will be $175 per order shipped in the US and $200 per order shipped internationally. 

Price: Dormant Hardwood Cuttings

Cuttings are made from dormant one year old wood. The proximal cut is cut flat below the bottom bud and the distal cut is slanted at internode above the top bud. Cutting length is 14 – 18 inches with 5 buds. Minimum order is 5 units/selection.

Quantity #1 Grade (¼ – ½ inch) #2 Grade (¼ inch) #3 Grade (Less than ¼ inch)
5 to 24 units/selection  $5.00 each $4.75 each $4.50 each
25+ units/selection $3.50 each $3.25 each $3.00 each


Price: Mist Propagated Grape Plants

Orders for mist propagated grape plants in 4″ pots ($5/plant) can be placed at any time. However, orders will only be fulfilled during the growing season (April – September). If large quantity orders are desired, orders should be placed as far in advance as possible. Minimum quantity orders for potted plants will be determined at the discretion of the CPCNW staff. CPCNW staff will maintain communication throughout the growing season to identify mutually agreeable shipping or order pick up windows, based on plant maturity.

Price: Plugs

Orders for plugs can be placed at any time, however, please allow 4-6 months for order fulfillment. Minimum orders for plugs are one flat per selection/clone. Flats are $200 each. CPCNW staff will maintain communication throughout the growing season to identify mutually agreeable shipping or order pick up windows, based on plant maturity.

Cancellation and Change Orders

Cancellation and change orders are accepted prior to the collection of plant material. Once material has been collected for an order, cancellations and quantity reductions will be accepted only if another buyer is available for the cancelled quantity. Requests to increase quantity of ordered materials are subject to availability.


Please contact Piotr Kowalec with any questions about the grapevine ordering process.