Variety Introduction

The Clean Plant Center Northwest maintains the Foundation Vineyard. Annually, we conduct rigorous pathogen testing for viruses and virus-like agents to verify the clean status of the vineyard.

Also on an annual basis, we allow for a limited introduction of new selections (public or sponsored) to the CPCNW Foundation Vineyard. Selection nominations are due by November 1. Anyone may propose a public selection, but approval will be given through the Northwest Foundation Block Advisory Group  For a fee, sponsored selections can be submitted, but they are also subject to the approval of the Advisory Group and space availability in the Foundation Vineyard. Approved sponsored selections will only be distributed with approval and direction from the sponsor.

If you would like to request a public or sponsored selection, please review and submit the Foundation Vineyard Request Form. Prior to submitting grapevine samples for pathogen testing, a signed Testing Agreement must be submitted.