Grapevine Testing & Therapy

Virus Testing

The Clean Plant Center Northwest provides grapevine virus testing services for over 20 different viruses and virus-like agents for a fee. This includes common viruses such as grapevine leafroll, grapevine red blotch, and crown gall (Agrobacterium vitis), among many others. If plant material tests positive for targeted pathogens, therapy can be initiated to develop propagative material that has been cleaned of economically significant diseases.

Testing Fees and Sample Submission

A signed Testing Agreement must be submitted before pathogen testing can commence.

Virus Therapy Techniques


Please contact Martin Joseph for questions regarding our virus testing and therapy services for grapevines.

On the left: healthy vineyard. On the right: vineyard infected with Grapevine Leafroll.
Photo courtesy WSU Viticulture Extension