Hop Testing

Virus Testing

The virus diagnostic lab offers three testing panels for hops

  • Complete Virus Testing
  • Canary Virus Testing
  • Targeted Virus Testing

A signed CPCNW-VDL Testing Agreement must be submitted with plant material to be tested. Plant material and testing agreement can be sent to

Tina Vasile


24106 N. Bunn Rd.

Prosser, WA 99350

Complete Virus Panel

  1. RNA Viruses
  • American hop latent virus
  • Apple mosaic virus
  • Apple fruit crinkle viroid
  • Arabis mosaic virus
  • Cherry leaf roll virus
  • Hop latent viroid
  • Hop latent virus
  • Hop mosaic virus
  • Hop stunt viroid
  • Tobacco ringspot virus
  1. Other Systemic Pathogens
  • Generic phytoplasma screen.

Canary Virus Panel

  • Hop stunt viroid
  • Apple mosaic virus
  • Generic Carlavirus screen