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Pome and Stone Fruit

The Clean Plant Center Northwest holds and maintains a foundation collection of virus-tested, G1-level Pome and Stone Fruit accessions at Washington State University’s Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center in Prosser, WA. These accessions are maintained in insect-proof screen houses to prevent reinfection and are regularly tested to ensure cleanliness. Accessions held in the foundation collection are available for sale and distribution to growers and nurseries across the United States.


All available accessions have undergone a series of diagnostic assays to ensure that they are free of economically important viruses and virus-like organisms.

Accession ID Type Variety/Cultivar Name Accession ID Type Variety/Cultivar Name
Updated 2/4/2021
19-T-D-223 Almond Mission 19-T-D-157 Peach Early Elberta
19-T-D-260 Apple Mark 19-T-D-158 Peach Frost
19-T-D-247 Apple Golden Russet 19-T-D-159 Peach Harson
19-T-D-153 Apple NY58-22 19-T-D-160 Peach JRB
19-T-D-088 Apple Anna 19-T-D-161 Peach O’Henry
19-T-D-089 Apple Bramley’s Seedling 19-T-D-162 Peach Ouchita Gold
19-T-D-090 Apple Cap of Liberty 19-T-D-163 Peach Reliance
19-T-D-091 Apple Dabinett 19-T-D-164 Peach Sentry
19-T-D-092 Apple Delicious 19-T-D-165 Peach Sunhigh
19-T-D-093 Apple Indian Summer 19-T-D-166 Peach Topaz
19-T-D-094 Apple Domaine 19-T-F-004 Peach Tilton
19-T-D-095 Apple Earleaf 20-T-D-164 Peach Harvester
19-T-D-096 Apple Early Cortland 20-T-D-165 Peach Big Red
19-T-D-097 Apple Ellis Bitter 20-T-D-166 Peach Carored
19-T-D-098 Apple Esophus Spitzenberg 20-T-D-167 Peach Flavo Rich
19-T-D-099 Apple Fuji 19-T-D-168 Peach Elberta
19-T-D-100 Apple Golden Delicious 19-T-D-169 Peach Nemaguard
19-T-D-101 Apple Golden Delicious (Gibson) 19-T-D-170 Peach Nemared
19-T-D-102 Apple Granny Smith 19-T-D-290 Pear Magness
19-T-D-103 Apple Gravenstein 19-T-D-174 Pear Buerre Bosc
19-T-D-104 Apple Jersey Mac 19-T-D-175 Pear Buerre D’anjou
19-T-D-105 Apple Joburn JM1 19-T-D-176 Pear Buerre Hardy
19-T-D-106 Apple Joburn JT4 Selection 19-T-D-177 Pear Pyrus calleryana
19-T-D-107 Apple Jonagold 19-T-D-178 Pear Cleveland Select
19-T-D-108 Apple Jonathan 19-T-D-179 Pear Dancer
19-T-D-109 Apple Lodi 19-T-D-180 Pear Doyenne du Comice
19-T-D-110 Apple Lord Lambourne 19-T-D-181 Pear Edgewood
19-T-D-111 Apple Luisa 19-T-D-182 Pear Golden Russet Bosc
19-T-D-112 Apple Malus sargentii 19-T-D-183 Pear Harrow Sweet
19-T-D-113 Apple M.9 19-T-D-184 Pear IN39
19-T-D-114 Apple M.7 19-T-D-185 Pear Kosui
19-T-D-115 Apple Macoun 19-T-D-186 Pear Luscious
19-T-D-116 Apple Major 19-T-D-187 Pear Harrow Delight
19-T-D-117 Apple Malus adirondack 19-T-D-188 Pear OHxF97
19-T-D-118 Apple Medaille d’Or 19-T-D-189 Pear Potomac
19-T-D-119 Apple Melrose 19-T-D-190 Pear Red Bartlett
19-T-D-120 Apple Michelin 19-T-D-191 Pear Sensation Red Bartlett
19-T-D-121 Apple M.111 19-T-D-192 Pear Shinseiki
19-T-D-122 Apple Mollie’s Delicious 19-T-D-193 Pear Sunrise
19-T-D-123 Apple Mutsu 19-T-D-194 Pear US76128-009
19-T-D-124 Apple Noel Deschamps 19-T-D-195 Pear US96107-003
19-T-D-125 Apple Northern Spy 19-T-D-196 Pear Kalle
19-T-D-126 Apple P.22 20-T-D-121 Pear Shinglo
19-T-D-127 Apple Pink Pearl 19-T-D-171 Pear Aristocrat
19-T-D-128 Apple Prairifire 19-T-D-172 Pear Bartlett
19-T-D-129 Apple Red Delicious 19-T-D-237 Pear Colette
19-T-D-130 Apple Shizuka 19-T-D-197 Plum Beltsville Elite B70197
19-T-D-131 Apple Spartan 19-T-D-198 Plum Black Amber
19-T-D-132 Apple Starkrimson 19-T-D-199 Plum Black Ruby
19-T-D-133 Apple Stayman 19-T-D-200 Plum Black Splendor
19-T-D-134 Apple Stoke Red 19-T-D-201 Plum Prunus x blireana
19-T-D-135 Apple Sweet Sixteen 19-T-D-202 Plum Bluebyrd
19-T-D-136 Apple Transcendent Crab 19-T-D-203 Plum Empress
19-T-D-137 Apple Winesap 19-T-D-204 Plum French
19-T-D-138 Apple Yellow Transparent 19-T-D-205 Plum Geneva Red #8
19-T-D-139 Apple Charden 19-T-D-206 Plum Italian
19-T-D-140 Apple Golden Hornet 19-T-D-207 Plum John W
19-T-D-141 Apple Spy 227 19-T-D-209 Plum Krauter Vesuvius
19-T-D-142 Apple Stark’s Earliest 19-T-D-210 Plum Owen T
19-T-D-143 Apricot Bolaroja 19-T-D-211 Plum Prunus maritima
19-T-D-144 Apricot Harlow 19-T-D-212 Plum Polly
19-T-D-145 Apricot P75-172 19-T-D-213 Plum President
19-T-D-146 Apricot Haggith 19-T-D-214 Plum St. Julian
19-T-D-154 Cherry Sweet Ann 19-T-D-215 Plum Stanley
19-T-D-155 Cherry Vista 19-T-D-216 Plum Thunder Cloud
19-T-D-147 Cherry Bing 19-T-D-217 Plum Vanette
19-T-D-148 Cherry Mazzard NY53 19-T-D-218 Plum Myrobalan
19-T-D-149 Cherry Utah Giant 19-T-D-219 Plum Sapalta
19-T-D-150 Cherry Colt 19-T-D-220 Plum Shiro
19-T-D-151 Cherry Compact Stella 19-T-D-221 Plum Spring Satin
19-T-D-152 Cherry Mazzard 19-T-D-273 Plum Americana
19-T-D-156 Peach BY96P3606 19-T-D-222 Quince Pigwa #3


Please note that this list contains only accessions that have reached full release status and are presently available; accessions in progress, or accessions that have been removed, are not shown.

Ordering and Distribution

The CPCNW has three defined Pome and Stone fruit sale/distribution periods throughout the year. These are:

Dormant Budwood: Requests taken November 1st to January 31st

Requests must be submitted by January 31st. Orders will be shipped starting the first week of February. A CPCNW Sales Agreement must accompany all Request Forms, and Proprietary Material Distribution Agreement must accompany any requests for proprietary material.

Shoot Tip: Requests taken April 1st – April 30th.

Requests must be submitted by April 30th. Customers are limited to five (5) shoot tips per variety, depending on availability. Shoot tips will be shipping in May (depending on weather) and will only be shipped domestically. A CPCNW Sales Agreement must accompany all Request Forms, and Proprietary Material Distribution Agreement must accompany any requests for proprietary material.

Green Budwood: Requests taken June 1st to August 31st

Requests must be submitted by August 31. Orders will be shipped starting the first week of September and will only be shipped domestically. A CPCNW Sales Agreement must accompany all Request Forms, and Proprietary Material Distribution Agreement must accompany any requests for proprietary material.

Fee Schedule and Payment (All prices in USD)

Dormant or Green Bud sticks: $50 per bud stick (10 buds/stick) – Dormant bud sticks are cut from dormant one-year-old wood, while green bud sticks are cut from the current year’s wood.

Shoot tips: $25.00 per tip – Shoot tips are cut in the spring once the trees have actively started growing—maximum order of 5 shoot tips per accession.

Additional Charges: For orders picked up at the CPCNW facility, no shipping fees are charged, although all other fees apply. For all orders, the final invoice will include:

  • 10% handling and packaging fee for domestic shipments
  • $1,000 handling and packaging fee for international shipments
  • Actual shipping cost (calculated at time of shipment)
  • Phytosanitary certificate (if applicable) at $175 per order shipped in the US, and $200 per order shipped internationally

Payment: Once the shipment is prepared, an invoice will be sent to the customer. This may be paid either by credit card via our secure payment link or by sending a check for the invoiced amount made out to CPCNW/WSU to 24106 N Bunn Rd, Prosser, WA 99350. Orders will not be shipped until payment has been received.

International Shipments

We have made every effort over the decades to ensure access to our collection for the international community. Recently, there have been dramatic changes in the management of phytosanitary requirements for exports to most countries around the world. The time, effort, and cost involved in ensuring that every shipment complies with the receiving countries’ phytosanitary regime are becoming increasingly prohibitive.

As a result, the CPCNW will only guarantee distribution to the U.S. and Canada and countries whose phytosanitary requirements can be met in-house by the CPCNW. Requests to ship propagative material to counties that require additional testing and/or declarations for pests and diseases not tested for by CPCNW will be declined.

Also, to ensure sufficient time to research and confirm the phytosanitary requirements, the CPCNW requests that the customer send their import permit and additional declarations, in English, to the CPCNW no less than three (3) months before the end of the sale request period. Import permits and additional declarations sent less than three (3) months before the end of the sale request period will only be accepted at the CPCNW Director’s discretion.